Cheshire Veterinary Physiotherapy is ran and owned by Natalie. Originally from Newcastle, Natalie moved down to the Cheshire area in 2010 to continue her passion of working with horses. Working on a variety of yards including pre-training and rehabilitation of racehorses, numerous competition yards and sport horse studs and is a trained AI Technician. She also loves to work with cattle and spends some time in the spring helping with calving and calf rearing.


She has her own clan of 4 legged furies at home including George (Labrador), Bud (Springer Spaniel), Tetley Teabag (Rescue pony) and Joey (Young sports horse)... Oh and a Husband who she occasionally remembers to feed and water (Ha!)


Natalie has studied BSc (hons) Equine Science, Equine Bodywork, Veterinary Physiotherapy at post graduate level, Small animal hydortherapy, and is currently undertaking her MSc Equine Science at Hartpury University who have a fantastic therapy and rider performance centre.


As a fully registered member of IRVAP (The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists) CPD is paramount so Natalie is continuously building knowledge and learning new skills.


Natalie has studied a Certificate in Clinical Education so she can teach Veterinary Physiotherapy to students and also run her own courses (details of these will be coming soon!)

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