Veterinary Physiotherapy can help for a variety of reasons;


+ Maintenance -  As part of your animals general routine to keep their musculoskeletal system functioning as it should, to keep them supple, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and increase range of motion.


+ Sports/Bodywork massage - As part of your animals pre and post event routine to improve performance and relieve the muscles of any tension built up from a their work routine and decrease the onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).


+ Rehabilitation - Pre operative to encourage a quicker return back to work, Post Operative care for those who may be recovering from illness or injury, to help bring healing up to the bodys optimum capacity, used as conventional treatment where surgery is not possible, or just to keep your animal comfortable (ie. arthritis).




Your animals appointment includes taking a full history, static and dynamic assesment and treatment with manual and/or electro therapies to suit your animals needs. Aftercare plans can be made to help you help your animal inbetween sessions and can include exercise prescription, stretches, proprioceptive work etc.


Your animal will be treated from ear to tail to ensure no areas of soreness are gone unoticed and specific attention paid to any areas of concern.


Due to The Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 2015 it is a legal requirement to have your veternarians permission before treating your animal. I will require consent from your vet prior to the session which can be obtained via phone, email or consent form.  

This is routine practice and does not usually incur any charge from your vet.

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